Beer is composed of more than 95% water. Unfortunately water quality can often be overlooked when ingredients such as grains, hops and spices take the spotlight. Water is the base ingredient in any brew and is naturally greatly influential regarding the quality, taste and feel of the beer. We at the Human Village Brewing Company exercise careful and precise control over the brewery's water chemistry to ensure ultimate purity in the base ingredient.

Every style of beer has a unique combination of water characteristics. After the water is purified of anything unwanted, a variety of natural minerals are added to ensure the proper base features in the finished beer. For example, a Traditional German Pilsner uses water which is relatively free of added minerals, creating a rounded out and smooth characteristic in the final product. On the other hand, the high level of hop aroma and bitterness in an India Pale Ale is well complimented by significant mineral additions such as calcium and carbonate ions. The Human Village Brewing Co. will bring you an immense variety of beer styles from every corner of the world, and therefore it is our commitment to ensure our water properly sets the stage.

We add nothing unnatural to our water and take pride in the fact that our beers will be delivered to your palette unfiltered, unpasteurized and free of chemical additives. You will find no artificial sweeteners or coloring and no chemically modified ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup. We also will not use stabilizers or coagulants in order to speed up our manufacturing processes, possibly sacrificing quality.