The grains will be the first ingredient which our brewers refine.

Grains arrive at the brewery ready to be weighed out and crushed. The mill’s hopper is then loaded with the grains that will be used for the specific brew. Although the mill is not the most glamourous piece of equipment in the brewery, it plays the vital role giving our brewers access to the sugars which are hiding within the husks of the grains.

A motor rotates a series of steel rollers that break apart the barley seeds and other grains. The crush removes the husk from the seed and breaks it into smaller parts so the greatest surface area can be accessed during the mash process. Our mill is designed to double crush the grains in a single progression through the mill. The crushed grains are called grist. This double crush ensures uniformity of the grist and that no grains are left uncrushed.

At this early stage in the brew day, consistently and efficiently extracting the best out of the grains can make all the difference in quality of the final product.