The brewery platform contains many of the instruments in which our artisans at Human Village Brewing Co use to create their masterpieces. Our brew platform is fully electric, allowing for a variety of advantages.

Mash Tun:

Purified water is introduced into the Mash Tun along with the grains that were previously crushed in the Mill. This Mash Tun is responsible for converting starches into the sugars profile we've designed for the specific brew. Precise control over time and temperature during this process ensure the proper sugars are extracted. The sugar is then collected by rinsing the grains with more pure water. The collected sugar is called wort.

Boil Kettle:

The wort is transferred into the boil kettle where it is brought to a boil. A variety of ingredients, such as hops, spices and herbs, are added to further define the unique brew being created. After the boil is complete the wort is cooled and ready for the yeast to begin fermenting.